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Social media management

Social media trends are sometimes hard to follow as they go through such rapid trends and changes. It can be hard to keep up with these sorts of things amidst your creative process. That's why The Music Hub can help you out!


We offer a hands on service in social media management. Our service  goes from 'simply' creating content or thinking of a strategy with you, to fully taking over your accounts and getting your messages across for you.  

What we offer

- Social media management 
- Promo via social media
- Decorating social media channels:
* Banners/profile pictures/story templates et cetera*
- Linking social media channels
- Editing and posting of release previews
- Creating & executing content plans 
- Measuring social conversion through Facebook/LinkedIn pixel 

And more!


If there's anything you're missing on this list, be sure to contact us.

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