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The Music Hub: Sanne Warmerdam
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Sanne Warmerdam, co-founder & project manager

A passionate music lover with international ambitions, networking skills and knowledge to optimize digital music releases.


"Music has always been a central point in my life. In a very early stage of my life I decided to make a career in the music and entertainment industry. I did production work for NPO Radio 2, Institute for Sound and Vision and Poppodium Duycker. After those jobs I discovered that production work doesn’t suit me well. I wanted to work into the record industry. I became a part of the sales & music distribution company Heartselling where I discovered that the entertainment business is where my heart lies. My strengths lie within sales, project management and networking. Because of the fact that there is a need for social media support for people in the entertainment industry, Janet and I started this company. We both are dedicated, ambitious and have the knowhow to operate within this industry."

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Janet van Milligen, co-founder and creative director

A creative world traveler with international ambitions, eternal jetlagsomnia and a true sniper when it comes to creating good content for various social media channels.


"Studying Leisure & Event management has taught me how to be an allround creative. As a creative producer for Solar Weekend Festival, an editor at LEX Magazine and a freelance marketing & communications manager and content creator for various clients, I found that my strength lies in digital creativity, marketing and writing. These are my true passions which formed the idea to launch a social media company for people and companies that would rather focus on their product than their online activities. I came up with the idea for Sanne and I to join forces and combine our extended networks within the entertainment industry. I never thought my own focus would become this very business, but I absolutely love entertainment, so operating in this business just feels like a constant outing to me. I wouldn't want to work in any other business now!" 

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